Audio Visual Information

A 77” x 120” Front projection screen (16:10 aspect ratio) will be set up at the front of the room on the raised dais. There will be a podium with a fixed microphone on the left side of the dais. On the right of the dais there will be a table and with chairs with one table microphone if you have multiple people for a question and answer panel.

A Panasonic PT-VZ570U WUXGA LCD Projector 1920 x 1200 Native Resolution, 4500 lumens, 16:10 aspect ratio will be provided which can be controlled either from the podium (by the speaker) or from a position in the first row in front of the speaker (by another employee), or by Kimberly Dyer, who is overseeing the audio-visual.

A lavaliere microphone will be provided for the presenter. Either a wired or wireless microphone will be provided to the head table, if you are using it for a panel.

A green laser pointer will also be provided.

Kimberly Dyer will be present during the presentations to monitor the audio-visual systems and to supervise webcasting.

If you need additional equipment or have different audio-visual needs, please email Kimberly Dyer to make the arrangements.

The above equipment will be paid for by the Electrical Products Group. If you order additional equipment be sure to give her your company name and the name of the company representative who will be staying at the hotel. The charge for additional equipment will be added to the room charges. If you do not have an onsite representative you must provide her with a credit card for the cost of the equipment you have ordered.

If you are sending collateral materials I will open and set out your materials so that attendees have access to the information prior to your presentation. Be sure to indicate on the box if you do not want the box opened by someone other than your company representative.

We do not open or distribute novelties. Such boxes should be marked "Do Not Open".

Detailed Shipping Instructions