Shipping Information

Due to the large number of boxes received, please do not have the boxes arrive more than a few days prior to the conference.

The address for sending boxes of collateral material/novelties for the Electrical Products Group Conference is:

Four Seasons Miami
Attn:  Chloe Vuong
Hold for EPG Conference (presentation date)
1435 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL 33131

On the box please write:

EPG Conference
Hold for: (name of your company contact at hotel)
Presentation date:
Box 1 of 3

Over the last couple years there has been a trend for the presenters to make their presentation materials available online with a limited number of hardcopy handouts. Several companies no longer provide hardcopy handouts.

All companies last year uploaded a .pdf version of their slides to the EPG Conference website so that the attendees can find all the presentations on one website.  The slides are hidden until 20 minutes prior to the presentation unless other arrangements have been made.  This allows the audience to see the slides on their laptops during the presentation. I know the slides sometimes change until the last minute and I will be onsite so that we are able to upload the slides in a timely fashion.  You are not required to upload your slides to the EPG website, but it is offered at no cost as as a courtesy and benefit for the analysts.  You can view last year's slides as an example by clicking here (then click on the graph icon at the far right of each company).

Some analysts do take notes or write comments directly on the handouts, so you will have to decide what works best for your company.

In the past I would recommend about 175 copies to avoid running out, but based on the number of copies left at the end of the conference last year I would recommend a maximum of 100-125 copies . Many presenters had over 50-75 copies of their handout remaining at the end of the conference. Many companies are also printing the handouts as color copies with a staple in one corner instead of the more expensive bound handouts.

If you send boxes and do not want them opened, please write "DO NOT OPEN" after the company contact's name and the box will be left unopened.